Sez Erie

Just finished reading Bridget Jones Diary! Despite absence of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant;) I prefer the book over the movie. Plus, <whoop of ecstasy> I’ve found love in the <unfortunately fictional> Mark Darcy!

Further ecstasy follows! I’ve discovered a new malady! The Bridget Jones Syndrome a.k.a. BJS!

Bridget is simply DELIGHTFUL! She is SOOOO obsessed with ‘getting’ a man. It haunts her morning, noon and night. Yet she has this quirky something, that I simply can’t help but love!

Yes, admitted! All of us singletons suffer, more or less from BJS. That great and marvellous fixation to find love or rather ‘someone’! But at times, it goes WAYYY awry!

Mind RUNS to Rooster (for further interpretation refer Malalasekara:P!) Despite delightful persona, Roo suffers from extreme said medical condition PLUS Rooster Syndrome a.k.a. RS!

Roo fell <madly> in love, but not without obstacles. First, love had to depart for few months. Second, Roo’s mother puts foot down.

So far, so sad. Sadder…

Two weeks after departure of love, Roo starts new ‘acquaintance’. Within a week of ‘contact’, Roo  declares ‘liking’. Mrs.R2 takes his endeavours as ‘serious’.

I must confess<evilly> of awaiting the climax of this Bollywood flick when Mrs.R1 returns!

SHAME ye LOVE! Can’t help but feel great distaste towards THAT particular SPECIES called MAN. Or does this particular example qualify as A MAN? SPINELESS!

EXCUSE ME! Has anyone heard of TRUE LOVE? What about SOULMATE? Where is ‘my heart will go on’?

In Roo’s words, Mrs.R2 is PRETTIER and will win mother’s approval! AND he is ‘LONELY’. That’s where RS ends and BJS comes in. He wants a GIRLFRIEND, just for the sake of having ‘one’.

Ever so frequently, I’ve been hearing ‘but all the others have one’… The ‘one’ in reference is boy/girlfriend 😉  ERRMM….. Admittedly, IT is pretty lonely. But does that simply mean flinging yourself on the first available ‘candidate’? Dating for the SAKE of dating?

Mention to friends a GUY (may he be unattractive, may he be witless, but heck! he’s a guy!). Woooossshhh! A bland ‘ithin yaluwennako’, a more refined. ‘You really should find someone’ AND that delightful ‘ooohhhh JUST FRIENDS’ etc. etc. etc.

Makes me feel like a test animal expected to attack on each and every visible target!!!!

YES! There’s no perfect person! But what about someone we really, truly love; who is perfect in our eyes? Whom we WANT, and not NEED?

And simply not ‘cos all the others have one’…


I’m a BAD BAD blogger! No excuse! I’ve not blogged since my first post, like just another ‘just started, forever under construction’ blog!!!! <SIGGGHHHH> Not because I didn’t have time, not because I didn’t have ideas; but cos I was SIMPLY bored of being bored!!!

Boredom is a QUEER thing! Until exams were over, I was longing for that magical day of freedom! I’m not saying I want to go back to grinding my nose in books, BUT weeellllll…I’m bored! AAand bored of being bored! This new ‘freedom’ is way too hard to adapt to!

Any suggestion? Now, DON’T tell me to watch movies, which is what EVERYONE says and which I’ve been doing like CRAZY!

Fact is, when you are bored, you really don’t feel like doing anything that will relieve you of aforesaid boredom! You’re just too bored even to do so! That’s what’s up with me!

I simply could not get myself into writing, even movie reviews! WAIT! Is that writers’ <or rather bloggers’ > Block?? But then I’m not a seasoned writer!!! WHOOPS! I guess it should be called Begginners’ Block! 😀

Anyway, enough whining! Back to blogging! Bye bye Begginners’ Block!

Hiii Blogosphere!!!

Here I am!!!!

‘Beginnings are always messy!’

So said John Galsworthy, Nobel Prize laureate (whom I’ve never heard of till I Goggled for a ‘beginning’ quote!!!)

Certainly, in this beginning IT feels messy. I HAVE ideas, heaps of ‘em, for what to write, but somehow, the BEGGINNING, the very FIRST post, should have a SPECIAL ring, and I’m feeling messy as I have no idea what THAT ‘speciality’ should be.

To introduce myself, short and sweet, I’m Erie.

Been lurking around the Blogosphere for quite some time. Specially, Sri Lankan ones via Kottu. Great reads, I must say. Was mesmerised by the individuality and variety. Never thought good ole’ Sri Lanka could be so opinionated!

And Voila!!! Finally I’ve got the time and spur to start my own!

So, what to expect? I’m no great expert on anything, but I like to think that I am, well…..! This blog is my inklings on life, love, music, books. Simply, anything that comes into my head and proves interesting enough to stay there! Ohhh and be forewarned, I lack that great commodity called tact!

So…welcome me!!! (Hope I didn’t make it TOO messy LOL!)

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